Ebook sale: Women & self-sacrifice

For the rest of July, “Slaying the Mermaid: Women and the Culture of Sacrifice” is reduced to 99 cents; “Mermaid No More: Breaking Women’s Culture of Sacrifice” is FREE.

cover at 1280 vert“Slaying the Mermaid” is the first book to show why women’s impulse toward excessive self-sacrifice comes from Western culture, not their nature. It explains the difference between a sacrifice that’s full of self-love—empowering and even transformative—and one that’s self-defeating.

“Mermaid No More” is a brief update of “Slaying the Mermaid” that offers pragmatic, specific strategies to figure out if you’re sacrificing more than is good for you (and everyone around you) and then to stop doing so.  Mermaid no more final

This sale is available only on the ebook platform Smashwords. You can get any format you like: Kindle, epub, PDF, and more, but you need to go to the book’s page and use the coupon code at the upper right.

For instructions on how to load the file onto your device, go to the home page and click the FAQ.
Here are the book pages:

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