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Stephanie is incredibly amazing to work with. I feel blessed to have found a writer who is so professional, believes totally in my work, and understands what I want to say.”
   —Yamuna Zake, body therapist and author of The Ultimate
Body Rolling Workout

“Stephanie Golden helped me write and design my website for my psychotherapy practice, making what was for me a high-anxiety task into a lot of creative fun. She edited my text so it reads very well, helped me make color, photo, and design choices, and gave me the information I need to develop search engine visibility. I found her thorough and conscientious and can recommend her wholeheartedly.”
—Susan Lee Bady, LCSW, BCD

Do you need an experienced professional to deliver precise, lively copy that speaks in your voice, to the audience you want to reach?

Stephanie Golden, an award-winning author of ten books, including six collaborations with expert authors, can write, rewrite, or edit your book. She also writes website content, reports, manuals, and other copy for nonprofits and small businesses.

She’ll help you shape, focus, and refine your message, then get it across effectively.

Book collaboration basics:

How to avoid pitfalls, have a great working relationship,

and produce a terrific book

This series of articles lays it all out:

Listen to this interview about Stephanie’s book Slaying the Mermaid: Women and the Culture of Sacrifice here.