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Stephanie’s journalist skills produce precise, persuasive copy that’s also lively and appealing.

Newsletter clients

Investor Services Data Center, Citibank

Global Systems and Applications Management Group, Investor Services, Citibank

Elders Share the Arts (community arts organization) (medical website on allergies and asthma)

YAMUNA Studio (fitness and body therapy business)

Download sample Yamuna newsletter (pdf)

Newsletters, web content, copywriting

Websites, website of Ming Chew, PT, website of The Permanent Pain Cure, book co-authored by Stephanie, website of Susan Lee Bady, LCSW, BCD. Redesigned structure and rewrote copy of old website.

National Guild for Community Arts Education: wrote sections on Community Engagement and Marketing and Communications for the Guild’s Resource Center

Brochures, flyers, press releases

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