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Yamuna Studio, bodywork/fitness center: flyers, brochures, advertorials, professional training manuals, catalogue copy, newsletters, blog

National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts, New York nonprofit: program handbooks, manuals (writing and production), conference reports

Global Systems and Applications Management group, Investor Services, Citibank: Micro Resources, newsletter covering personal computer applications in bank departments

National Center for Creative Aging/Elders Share the Arts, community arts organization: program manuals, newsletter, press releases, flyers. Grant proposals to private, federal, state, and local funders; interim and final reports

Shirley Chisholm Project of Brooklyn Women’s Activism, archive at Brooklyn College: funding research; federal, state, local, and private foundation proposals.

Brooklyn Food Coalition, local activist organization: funding research and strategy; local and foundation proposals.

National Hmong American Farmers, advocacy group for small farmers in California: foundation and federal grant proposals.

The Dialogue Project, community network hosting dialogues between people of different faiths: grant proposals, annual reports, fundraising letters.

National Center for Creative Aging/Elders Share the Arts, community arts organization, Brooklyn, NY: proposals to private, federal, state, and local funders; interim and final reports

Solo Foundation/Fusion Arts Museum, visual and performing arts organization, New York: fundraising strategy, grantmaker research, proposal writing

Black Moon Theatre Company, Brooklyn, NY: proposal writing

Verna Gillis/SOUNDSCAPE, music producing organization, New York: fundraising strategy, proposal writing

Metro NY Health Care for All Campaign, health care advocacy coalition: grantmaker research, strategy, proposal writing, budgets.

Serving Those Who Serve, NYC nonprofit serving Ground Zero workers & volunteers: researched introduction and edited text of paper: “Ayurvedic herbal supplements as an antidote to 9/11 toxicity,” by James J. Dahl, Ph.D., and Katherine Falk, M.D., Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, 2008 14:1.

Matthew Bender, legal publisher: researched and wrote chapters of medical reference books for attorneys.  

Harte-Hanks Interactive, medical website developer: wrote and edited sections of websites for pharmaceutical clients; wrote two e-newsletters on allergies and asthma, consumer health website: In “Best Health Guide,” patient reference section: “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,” “Gout,” “Leukemia.”

Professional Standards Review Council of America, medical nonprofit: wrote 60-page report of conference on long-term care needs of AIDS patients (1990); edited manual of nursing standards for AIDS patients.

See also consumer health newsletters.

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