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For questions about my writing and editing services,

OR to request a free copy of Mermaid No more if you’re willing to review it:

stephanie (at) stephaniegolden (dot) net



  1. Oh, Susan, thank you for the kind words! I checked the process and it worked for me, and it’s worked for other people. I suspect the problem is with AOL, which occasionally decides not to accept messages from my server. I will just email you the tipsheet!

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    Sorry to report…

    I gave up trying to get your tipsheet sent to (I did try again, a little while ago. Now I tried at Typed in Susan J. Gordon and No dice. I was told “this email address has already been used.”

    It’s truly okay if I can’t read your tipsheet, but what about others who don’t know about Mermaids, or what a great writer you are?

    Wondering in White Plains

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